Mora Clipper

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The stock Mora Clipper sheath leaves much to be desired and doesn't provide the level of retention achievable with a custom molded Kydex sheath.

We offer several designs to upgrade the sheath of this very popular and versatile knife.

Tactical Necktie (Neck Knife Sheath)

$25.00 (Model: TN-MC)

This sheath is designed to hold the knife vertically and is a very popular option for those who want quick access to their knife.

While designed to carry in the neck knife configureation, the sheath has rivets at 1.5" intervals to allow the versatility of adding a Tek Lok or other attachment device if desired.

We currently offer this model in Black, Coyote Tan, OD Green, and Chocolate.

Please contact us for current available inventory or to place an order.

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